Insights from Leinonen Bulgaria professional seminar on “posted workers ” Dec 03

On 7th of November Leinonen Bulgaria launched its Advisory Unit on a specially organized seminar named Social security entitlements of posted workers .  The idea was to share Leinonen expertise in Coordination of applicable social security legislation in cross-border situations in EU Member States with business in Bulgaria. Read more ›

Ukrainian Martial Law's effect on business in Ukraine Nov 29

The Ukrainian Parliament voted to accept President Poroshenko's degree on Martial Law on the 26th of November. Read more ›

Lithuania increases minimum monthly salary Nov 23

Please be informed that minimum monthly salary has been increased by the Lithuanian Government as from 1 January 2019 as follows: Read more ›

Belarus looks to cancel planned certification requirements for accounting companies. Nov 13

Accounting companies and individual entrepreneurs who provide accounting services do not need to receive a tax consultant certificate before January 1, 2019. Read more ›

RussiaTALK Investment Forum 2018 Nov 08

On November 1, 2018, RussiaTALK Investment Forum – key event of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce – was organized in Moscow. The theme of the forum was “Making the Future Real”. The invited participants were members of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce. Read more ›

In Estonia the amount of data entered in the employment register increases – does it also mean the increase of administrative burden for businesses? Nov 07

The draft for the „amendment of Taxation Act and other connected acts“ has passed it’s first reading in the Parliament. Among other things, it’s purpose is to enhance the employment register. Read more ›

Leinonen and Holvi in co-operation Nov 01

When you sign up to Holvi as a customer of Leinonen, you will receive a Holvi Grower or Complete account for your use for a period of three months without a monthly fee. While Leinonen also offers special prices for Holvi customers.

Read more ›

Legislation regarding auditing updated in Ukraine Oct 29

Legislative bodies in Ukraine have been working together with European officials in the past years to reform the country's laws on auditing companies. The new law on auditing was adopted on 1st of October 2018. Read more ›