Business trips to Lithuania

The Law of Guarantees for Posted Workers is applied when an employee is posted to work temporarily in Lithuania:

  1. under a contract concluded by a foreign employer with a customer operating in Lithuania for the provision of services or work;
  2. by foreign employer to a branch, a representative office or a company group in Lithuania;
  3. as a temporary employee.

The foreign employer should inform the relevant territorial LLE about the employee posted to Lithuania for work which lasts more than 30 days or for construction works and provide LLE in advance the information about job duration, wage, paid holidays, employment conditions, health and safety conditions, protection measures, and prohibitions of discrimination at work. The foreign employer should fill a special application and submit it via e-mail, fax or e-services no later than one business day before the business trip in Lithuania is started. Documents related to the posted employees should be stored during all business trips, and should be submitted to the competent authorities under their request.

Business trips to the EEA and EU countries

Lithuanian companies that send their employees in the European Union or EEA countries for business trips lasting longer than 30 days or for construction works, should inform the local authorities of those countries according to the local procedures. The LLE in Lithuania should not be informed in such cases.

The contacts of relevant foreign authorities can be found:

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