• Instead of 67 different Social Security Insurance categories ranging from 36,76% to 49,50%, there will be only one - 22 % (total accrual rate regardless of the class of professional risk).
  • Important change in personal income tax is the introduction of a single rate of personal income tax of 18% instead of the previous two tier rates of 15% and 20%.
  • Excludes the possible cancellation of VAT registration on the basis of the lack of records in the Ukrainian State Register for the legal entity.
  • An individual taxpayer is no longer required to file a separate annual tax return on income received from salary and payments from Civil Contracts from two or more sources and if the revenue exceeds 120 times minimum wage in the reporting year.
  • Cars not older than five years and with an average market value more than 750 times minimum wage (1033500 UAH) will be taxed at 25000 UAH per year"

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